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And they ask about "The Day"

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Be aware of the day when the lands will be one.
Favors will be returned to the ones who deserve
Penalties will be issued for ignorance and rejection
Cries will go numb in the echoing silence…

Believes will be shattered, love will vanish
Faith will be seen under the light of Thee…

Disguise of eternal; shadows of unseen… All blinds will be faded… Till the truth unfolds!

That child buried for no sin of hers; that women burnt for honoring herself. The poor that slept hungry; the cherishing entities of brutality! Alas they all will be poor; naked of all poverty.

Questions will haunt of how you taught, of how you raised and how you served. What you were blessed with and how did you bless. Who did you serve and the motives will be questioned.

Answers will not be fabricated as your ears will cry of what they were made to listen; your fingers will tell the truth of your touch. Eyes will speak the language unheard, and so will you be silent and listening.

What you questioned yet answered yourself, your thoughts will ask you of the intentions you had. Your acts will prove themselves doubtful; you will stand there still in those shivering feet.

The confidence gained within will be shattered in its own negligence; the remaining guilt will sweat away with fear of fate. Life will be meaningless as all will taste the inevitable resurrection.

Intense enough to drop all unborn from the wombs, furious enough to shatter the mountains into dust!

All will hear in the depths of the earth!

Skeletons will crumble, bodies will be gathered; alive will taste death and the whistle will call again.

Steps of skies, visible to all eyes, will give way to ‘Thy Majesty of All’.

Armies of angels will be released and those to be questioned will by them, be chained. Length of which will be of 70 measures, burdened with their deeds in the left hands.

With shame will be their faces down and trembling will be their bodies with fear - To witness ‘Thy Lord’!

Standing tall will be they, who surrendered to Thee. With the book of deeds in their right hands to share with pride! Whitened will be their faces with honor and humble will be their gesture.

Allowed will be they to share amongst their folks; while awareness will be bestowed upon the negligent.

With great prestige will they be rewarded; the paths to follow of the pious ones. Will be then they entertained with the viewings of their sacrifices. Fought for lives, honor and soul; they will quench their thirst with the vines blessed.

Shades will be on them of mercy and generosity, assisting them to the doors they rightly deserve.

Each hand will be asked for the doors it opened, each toe will be asked for the steps it had lead. All eyes will be asked for the second time they looked; acknowledging the fate yet admiring the desires. Imprinting the symbols of social depression; yet accepting the quarantining faith. Each beat will be asked; the heart will surrender. Blood will rise as the souls will question; their relevance to existence!

…World showed us ways, we followed them with ease as it was what was followed by the society. We ignored realizing that the society is made by the ones who live in it. Each soul will be asked of what it promoted and what it practiced…

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