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Epileptic seizures – Triggers and Controllers

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The human brain functions as a centre core for processing information to and fro other parts of the body. Each motion of the human body sends signals to the brain and needs to receive a response to it. Once any object is touched by a finger tip without the eye noticing it, still can be translated by the brain, send an image to the eye, the nose and ears to verify the information.

Similarly, when an individual is in a thought process, identifying, toggling or just going through any information within the surroundings, will use similar functionalities of the brain as any other sense does. Main difference would be the brain while can easily feel, verify and adapt to the physical surroundings, the spiritual, relational, political and other non physical aspects (chapters of life) take a different turn.

The brain will respond to such “feelings” in emotions. Environment plays a vital role in constructing the psychological and practical expectations of life and the brain continues to either step up or step down it’s momentum to gain the state of “NORM”.

On an individual basis, the mind starts learning from the environment and feeds the image in the brain (memory). This image can also be defined as an “IMPRESSION” as every object has its impression on the object observing it. In this case, the observer is the mind.

Depending on the leadership the individual possesses, it becomes a balancing act between spiritual (non physical) and physical control of your body. Leadership can be defined as ones ability to grasp knowledge, filter it and only feed what’s accurate or exists as a natural truth or environmental understanding.

The significant increase in individuals facing seizures can also be explained as a result of social, personal, economical, physical or any stress, discomfort or just a glitch in the brain. This glitch occurs when the fed information already in the brain is so significantly embedded in the personality that the brain rejects the new, yet better version of knowledge. If the brain keeps resisting the acceptance or in other words defined as “CHANGE”, the body will continue to try it’s best to install the updates. After all, the brain does synchronize itself while the body is sleeping. The brain runs the sleeping processor that computers can define as “QUICK SEARCH” programs.

These programs only run when your body is at rest and the mind is not expecting to wake up to it’s full potential for a normal duration of this process to run. Time of the process to run smooth does not just depend on a person sleeping but also the sleeping pattern the person has. Abrupt sleeping habits, physical discomforts (medical reasons) and other minor family issues play a vital role in making the mind run in a focused area (those thoughts that a mind runs before sleeping - which actually never gives u a solution but clouds of them).

If the mind does not have all or most of its memory slots, or in human term, “past” fed with right information or questions left unanswered, yet seeking more knowledge; will cause an increase in such system glitches.

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