A Collection of Useful Resources

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A Collection of Useful Resources

Serving the online community

Since 2004

Serving The Online Community
What Can You Find Here?
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Frequented Contents
Quran Audio

Various Versions
A Collection of Audio Links.

YouTube Channels

Various Channels
Collection of Various YouTube Channels.

Other References

Various References
PDFs and other links.

  • Sahih Bukhari (PDF - English- Hadeeth)
  • Prayers (guide / how to)
  • Repentence
  • Ruqya (spiritual cures / healing)
Unique  Collection of Work
Providing you the best resources available online

For over a decade, our visitors have benefited from the variety of scholars, public speakers and other hard working individuals who play a vital role in shaping our future.
Here you can find various resources and collection of diffrerent referrences

Resource 1

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Resource 2

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Resource 3

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Resource 4

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Atif.ca is an online resource site serving the community since 2004
Started with Quran translations, Atif.ca has been a successful online presence for people interested in understanding and learning about different cultures, societies, history and above all - morality, ethics and religions.
Non Profit
Disclaimer: Atif.ca is a non-profit domain.

Atif.ca is proud to be a non-profit provider for all religious, educational and referral services
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