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So here are my Qs,which I have asked for sources supporting them (scientific , creditable and neutral)


1.Creation from Clay as Human

2.Homosexuality being a choice and Lut tribe being the first to commit homosexual acts

3.Moon splitting in half 1400 years ago

4.All living things having sexual pairs


1.Creation from Clay as Human
Quran says that for wudoo, (cleanliness process) if you have no water, go to high rise mountains (for clean land - scientifically cleanest partical you can find to remove impurities from a human body bu rubbing on it.
If we can carve, sculptures and other materials nowadays with clay... I highly doubt it was hard for The Lord.
I can even add color to them. put extra fingers.. maybe a longer nose, a few dimples.. or maybe if i want to test this individual if s/he controls desires... spend a little more time.. but hey.. thats me ;) I can not even question God...
Then I asked about what after death? The process told in QUran of burrial is to dig down, vertical cut for body, leave body in, first kin takes the clothing off while people cover the opening with rock slabs... person comes out, leaves, dust back in...
But what about the skeleton... It is the calcium that is the signature of where the person is. Then i didn't even bother asking how will they be brought back up.. THe movie FIfth element .. come on.. if we humans can think we can make a perfect human out of a body part of its and know dna structure and stuff.. I'll let you ask those questions to the science :P
But I did not ask God.. It wasn't worth the question...
Then I did not even bother asking about the nervous system as Dr Ho knows more about it than I did when I was a child... :D
Then I asked about how it actually starts.. I was told from the gushing fluid ... hmmm.. then i did not bother asking more... I know that in my neighbourhoo there are enough birds that lay eggs under my tree just cause there are very few nests and a lot of love. So once I took one and put that safely on top of my rogers box and waiting for the canary.. picture is in my profile ;)
I was like you when I was a child.. questioning all these things.. I even broke an egg thinking that the pressure of the chicken makes it hatch... I started looking at the right ways with wise thoughts.. ;)
I started hatching eggs backhome in Oman and how I learnt that was actually by buying some and feeding them and letting them EGG and SIT and HATCH and HATCH and i did my tries too :D
SO yah.. bottom line is.. the woumb of the mother is the safe place for the human child to be in.. GOd I am sure did not want humans to be like "RACE OF THE HUMANS" like "RACE OF THE PENGUINS". I think he is smarter for sure...
SO if from a chicken egg, the coming chicklet can have everything the chiken had; I am not going to Question GOd how he did that :D

2.Homosexuality being a choice and Lut tribe being the first to commit homosexual acts

God made Adam and Eve.. Lout asked his people why are you making it Adam and Steve... :D

You ask about human, I'll tell... why? Humans did enough research about human body that they deserve to know.
Why am I not going to bother about above earth is humans were supposed to study the earth first... It is too late... We did not realize earth had mountains as weight to balance it. We are still digging more and wondering why sea levels are rising, climate is changing.. and a lot more...
I would love to assist you in something that is not necessary but only when I am allowed.. that is what I said before as well.. I will answer as much as I am allowed...

4.All living things having sexual pairs

Mitosis Meiosis ? I don't know what are you perticularly asking. Both have a pair structure in their cycle...

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